I became interested in pottery when my daughter was a baby, back in 2002, and I have been ‘playing with clay’ ever since.

I generally don’t restrict myself to working with one type of clay; sometimes I work in earthenware clay, sometimes in porcelain paper clay. It really depends upon the project that I am working on and what best suits. Over the years, I have only attempted throwing a pot on a potter’s wheel once, but found that it wasn’t for me (coupled with the act that I have no space to house a wheel!).  Everything I make is hand built, but that by no means limits the shape of form I am able to create.

I am inspired by all sorts of things and ideas sprout other ideas and they then shoot off at tangents! I particularly enjoy the engineering and problem solving and ingenuity that can be involved in getting a 2D idea off of the paper and into a 3D form.

I love the act that clay is such an enormously versatile medium. It can be worked using a myriad of technique, many of which you end up inventing as you go!

I tend not to restrict myself to making a particular type or style of item or form.  I enjoy making both functional and sculptural forms because my inspiration is constantly changing and I enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques.

My cat, 'helping'...


It is difficult to convey the effort taken with thinking, planning and making a piece, so I thought that I would post some pictures of various projects that I have remembered to photograph during the making process.

Unlike most ceramics that can be purchased on the high street, my work does not involve molds for mass production.  Each and every piece I make is either rolled flat into slabs and hand built into a 3D form or it is pinched out from a ball of clay into a bowl or sphere shape.

Each piece takes time to dry out carefully to avoid cracking, it then under goes an initial first firing to turn the clay into ceramic. After this glaze can be applied using brush on colours and fired again in a kiln for the glaze to melt and coat the piece.  So, it all takes time and lots of effort and I hope that it is not lost on the viewer, that the price of each piece reflects this process.

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